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Brilliant for Travel!

We are from England and have one of your Shrunks air beds which our 3 year old son loves! We are currently on vacation in Florida and have brought the bed with us. It’s been brilliant as it’s something that he's familiar with away from home! Thank you! - Sabina

Much Appreciated!

I just convinced a friend today to go with The Shrunks bed over the Aerobed for their holiday travel.  Not only does my 3 year old love his Shrunks bed but I do as well - it's compact, easy to set up, and conveniently uses standard crib size sheets (so no extra special sized sheets to buy).  But I think the tipping point was me telling her about the great service I received after I discovered a hole in the mattress.  Thanks Shrunks for making traveling with kids that much easier! - Madge

Highly Recommend!

Absolutely in love with the Shrunks Toddler Inflatable Travel bed. Super easy and fast to set up and break down - takes less than 90 seconds in either direction. Great design - guardrails ensure no falls from the bed. Small and convenient for packing on day trips to the in-laws or on vacation. Goodbye pack-n-play! Our daughter loves her "travel" bed. Says it’s super comfy and fun to sleep on. She would sleep on it all the time if Mom and Dad let her. A must for any toddler! Highly recommend! - Corey

Great Service

I have to say that I have been very impressed with the customer service. Your company does a great job taking care of its customers and I will make sure to tell all my friends with kids about your company and the Shrunks travel beds. Keep up the great work. - Wes

Love This Bed!

We absolutely love the Toddler Bed... it is fantastic!- David

Fantastic Products

We're really looking forward to more fantastic products from your company. Your inflatable bed rail has truly saved our sanity while co-sleeping with our son. Thanks so much. - Tiffani


Thank you so very much. You (and the toddler bed) have saved my vacation!!!!!! I look forward to it's arrival later this week. Again, thanks for going above and beyond in finding a bed in stock for me, I'm going to recommend your website to my friends! - Valorie

In Love

Hi just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks again the toddler bed arrived early Friday morning- which was perfect and saved us from a lot of stress. Our son loves it I definitely would love to commend you on your amazing customer service-it is very rare you can tell that your customers are your number one priority thanks so much please let me know if there is anyone that I can notify to tell them how truly happy we were with your service. - Jo-Ann

Many Thanks

MANY THANKS for your quick phone call response! I don't believe I have had such excellent customer service in I don't know...forever!! I will definitely pass along my satisfaction to my fellow parents and patients. - Karen

Love it!

I received the Under The Bed doll yesterday and wanted to thank you! My son Aiden LOVES it! He is walking around with it, throwing it, and using it as a pillow! Thank you so much! - Michelle

Son Loves It!

Received the bed and it is great - my son loves it. I have told all of my friends about it. - Tracy

The Shrunks

I heard about you on the Steals and Deals blog and just love this idea! My youngest daughter use to have her own room, but when we moved the two girls now need to share. When her big sister is gone for a sleep over, the youngest is so scared to sleep in her own room. All of these products would be very helpful in encouraging her everything will be all right! - Karen

Great Customer Service Does Exist!

I ordered a Shrunks toddler bed from an online shopping website and had it delivered to Arizona where we were spending our family vacation. When my two year old woke up the first morning we found the mattress had completely deflated.  We had the same problem each morning. We brought the mattress home with us to Canada and contacted the number listed on the box (which happened to be in BC as well!) I was told to contact the online shopping website to go through them to return/exchange but if there were any problems to call them back. The problem was that the replacement could only be shipped to the original shipping address in Arizona. I emailed the Shrunks to let them know the problem I was having and immediately received a reply just asking me to send them a proof of purchase and a replacement will be shipped to my home in a few days! The Shrunks really stand by their products and care about their customers.  They have made a return customer out of me that’s for sure!!  - Suzann